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July 31 2013


DIY Skyplanters

Materials: SKURAR

Description: Want a new angle for your plants or turn their world upside down? Check out the link below.

See more of the SKURAR skyplanter.

~ Jorn de Vreede, Nederland
Tags: Skurar outdoor

July 02 2013


SKURAR lighting

Materials: 1 SKURAR pot, 1 EKBY HALL shelf bracket, 1 HEMMA light cord

Description: 1. Draw the main hole to insert the blub housing.

2. Create a circle 9.5 cm and draw 8 dots and drill them out

3. Draw a hole in EKBY so the wire can pass through.

4. Put it all together and you're DONE


~ Abir43, South Africa
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June 05 2013


(Plant) Pot Lights

Materials: IKEA, SKURAR, Plant pot, off-white

Description: This hack is quick, easy and cheap!

I took an Ikea Skurar Plant Pot, 2 of them actually... and added a (moon) push light to each one. I secured a battery operated push light to the bottom of each pot with a patch of industrial strength velcro.

It was easy to hang them (upside down) as a sconce using EZ hooks, or Monkey Hooks.

Easy, inexpensive sconce lighting with no need for an electrician. Safe and easy to operate.

See more of the Skurar push light.

~ Jen

April 27 2013


Kroby into Skurar pendant double lamp

Materials: 1 x Kroby pendant double lamp, 2x Skurar plant pot

Description: This hack is made by my friend from Hamina, Finland. She turned her old Kroby pendant lamp into totally new look by changing the glass lamp shades into Skurar plant pots. It took only a driller to make a few holes to put those Skurar plant pots into the lamp and voila, great new lamp! She gave her permission to put this hack idea. Thank you Taru!

~ Mona, Helsinki, Finland

August 29 2011


Skurar Pendant lamps

Materials: Skurar pots

Description: I've made two pendant lamps of two tin-pots named Skurar. I drilled a hole in the bottom and put a small lampholder with a cord through the hole. Then a connection-box to connect the two cords. But, since the Skurar pots is not tested to use as a lamp, you have to use energy-saving-lamps (CFL?) so it doesn't get too hot in the tin-pot!

~ Lotta Vesterberg, Linkoping, Sweden

Erik's version of the Skurar pendant lamp

Description: My mother bought some white Skurar plant pots for her kitchen window and wanted new pendant lamps aswell.

I came up with the idea of turning Skurar plant pots into pendant lamps.

Turn the plant pot upside down, drill a hole at the pot bottom (now top...) and attach a lamp holder with a cable to it - voila! ;)

A very easy way to get matching pots and lamps! :)

More pics of the pendants lamps on my blog.

~ Erik Maki, Sweden

August 26 2011


Roses in the Light - double hack

Materials: Skurar plant pot and Orgel floor lamp

Description: I had a 9 year old Orgel floor lamp - our wedding present :-) - so it was a bit old and yellow and used look. And also it was quite boring, after so many years.

I found the simply nice Skurar pots, and I bought seven of them (both hanging and standing types).

I wanted to use them for lights too, I made holes on the top and the bottom of the pots.
But there was something missing. In that moment I glimpsed some big roses in my neighbours garden and I found; I have to put Roses in the pots.

After I made Moire-roses and fixed them with a fine wire in the pots.

The lamp has amazing, soft light and romantic, feminine feeling!

See more of the rose lamp.

~ KarlaLina, Hungary, Europe

CAUTION: Possible fire hazard. 

May 25 2011


Lamp from a hanging planter

Materials: Skurar hanging planter, Hemma cord

Description: I found this beautiful, doily pattern hanging planter at Ikea a few days ago.

It was just too pretty, to put only flowers in it, I wanted to use it in a different way: as a lamp, in my kitchen!

So, I turned the planter up side down, and drilled a hole, on the top of it.

Finally, I pulled hema cord, thru the hole. (first, I unjoined the upper part)
It is so easy, takes only 5 min! To remove the stickers from the item is much more difficult....;-)

See more of the doily planter lamp.

~ Kata, Budapest

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