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May 19 2017

25 Wheeled Wonders of Maker Faire Bay Area

May 18 2017


Star Wars Rogue One Scarif Round Rug: The Death Star Plans are on the Beach!

You know what really ties a room together? A Death Star rug. Especially one with some palm trees and an AT-ST against a Scarif sunset. At least you don’t have to die stealing the plans. You can just buy one.

This round rug will cover a 52″ x 52″ area of your room and hopefully will not power up and destroy any nearby planets. It’s 100% polyester and 100% awesome. This is a nice and colorful rug. It’s like the Death Star is on vacation, wearing a tropical shirt.

It deserves a vacation. I mean, it’s been in 3 out of 7 movies. It’s basically holding up the whole franchise. I wouldn’t doubt they’ll figure out a way to work a Death Star into Episode 8.


Realistic Stormtrooper Helmet Cake: Imperial Edible

Aren’t you a little sweet to be a stormtrooper? Check out this cake that looks just like a stormtrooper’s helmet. What I really want is a Stormtrooper helmet cake that I can wear on duty and eat while guarding the halls of the Death Star. By the time my shift is over, helmet gone. I’ll start on a new one tomorrow. That would be awesome.

This episode of How To Cake It, has Yolanda Gampp demonstrating how to make a Star Wars dessert out chocolate cake and fondant icing that looks just like a real stormtrooper helmet.

Well, almost. It has a bit of a duck bill; like Daffy Duck is under that helmet. It still looks pretty awesome and tasty though. Great job.


Unicorn Trophy Head Doesn’t Think Your Crap is Funny

If you have ever known someone who likes to hunt, odds are they have at least a couple animal heads hanging in their homes. You know, those severed heads with the beady eyes that follow you wherever you go. Here’s something for the more whimsical among us, a unicorn trophy head.

This unicorn looks pretty pissed about hanging on your wall though. He doesn’t appreciate you having lopped his head off judging by the look on his face. Fortunately, no actual unicorns were harmed in the making of this thing. This 20″ tall trophy head is made from cast resin. The Unicorn Attack Plaque sells for $86.99(USD) over at ThinkGeek.

I bet the Lord of Darkness in Legend would have one of these hanging on his wall.

The Good People of Maker Faire Austin 2017
The Good People of Maker Faire Austin 2017

Motion-activated Alien Storage Egg: Get Away from My Stuff, You Bitch!

Want a place to store your stuff that no one will dare open? This Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg should do the trick. I’m pretty sure no one is going to go near this creepy egg pod.

It is based on the Xenomorph embryo designed by HR Giger and it is a screen accurate prop. It measures about 21″ x 16″ and weighs in at a substantial 8 lbs.Just wave your hand over the motion sensor and the egg comes to life, opening and emitting an eerie green glow from its internal LED lighting.

I really don’t want to stick my hand in there. Whatever is in there is lost. I don’t want it anymore. There’s just no way my hand is going in there.

In space no one can hear you scream, but on Earth we can all hear it. That’s how we know someone is stealing our stuff from this egg. If you want an alien egg to protect your stuff, you’ll need to pony up $260(USD) over at TheFowndry.

The Strongest Magnets on Earth Are Also the Coolest Desk Toys

Mario Kart 8 Inkling Girl’s “Up Yours” Gesture Removed

When my mom couldn’t see me when I was a kid, you better believe that I gave my brother the finger a lot. I would use the “feather” gesture when she was watching. When mom was nearby but the feather didn’t accurately portray how much I wanted to pummel him at the time. I also gave him the old “up yours” gesture on occasion.

In Mario Kart 8, Inkling Girl gave players that “up yours” gesture when she won a race. Somehow Nintendo didn’t know that was a gesture that didn’t mean nice things.

A new patch is out for the game and that gesture is removed in it. Rather than putting the hand on the opposite bicep, Inkling girl now just throws up a clenched fist.

Somebody need to write a patch that puts the gesture back in the game – and lets Mario flip the bird.

[via Kotaku]

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