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Real Life Homer Simpson: The D’oh of Your Nightmares

Last summer, artist Miguel Vasquez created some images that show what Spongebob and Patrick would look like in real life. The renderings were the stuff of nightmares. Now, Vasquez is back with a rendering of what Homer Simpson would look like if you ran into him on the street.

Homie is terrifying to look at with his bug eyes and giant mouth. He looks like he should come out of the sink in the next Stephen King horror flick to choke you while screaming “YOU LITTLE!”. Creepy as real Homer may be, the illustrations are fantastic, and this dude has some serious talent.

And no matter how disturbing this is, Homer certainly is easier on the eyes than real-life Patrick Star was. I’m fairly sure I saw Patrick in the cages under the cabin in The Cabin in the Woods.

[via Laughing Squid]

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