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This Robot Will Tie Your Shoelaces for You

Knowing how to tie your shoes is a pretty important skill to have, because if you don’t know how, your shoes are going to fall off all day long. Well, guess what? Robots are now doing this for us so that we humans can forget how to do one more thing.

The shoe tying robot was developed by University Of California Davis engineering students Andrew Choi, Gabriela Gomes, Jacklyn Tran, Stephanie Thai and Joel Humes. The robot ties laces bunny-ear style and does a great job. They only had a budget of $600 and two electric motors.

Too bad that this robot is huge, otherwise they could market it so that you can have one at home. You guys need to shrink this robot down so that it can do the job for us every day. Honestly, I just leave my shoe strings tied and slide them on, because I refuse to put in the effort until I can have a robot in my home that can do it for me.

[via Laughing Squid]

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