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Giant Beetle Plush Toys Are What Every Kid Wants

Forget buying a Nintendo Switch, the Japanese toy kids want these days are these stuffed plush toys that look like gigantic beetles. Strapya-world has a pair of plush beetle toys with one that looks like a giant stag beetle and another that looks like a rhinoceros beetle.

The rhino beetle is 11-inches long and the stag beetle is 9.8-inches long. They are covered in shiny brown or black vinyl and have soft and squishy innards.

You can get the set of both beetles for ¥2,100, or about $19(USD). As far as I can tell these can be shipped to the US, though who knows what Customs will say when they x-ray the package.

All you’ll need to complete your plush beetle set is a giant dung beetle. I hope that one comes with a plush turd ball.

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