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DIY world map vs. IKEA Trones

rasterbator IKEA trones

Materials: 3 sets of ikea trones, wallpaper adhesive, sponge brush, mural printed from rasterbator.com, clear coat, electrical tape

Description: I used the technique behind Mod Podging something to adhere a mural onto 9 compartments of the IKEA Trones. I used a sponge brush and wall paper adhesive to paste the images onto the fronts and then again over the top of the images. Once it was dried I used a clear coat to seal the images. I then waited for the mural to dry and then evened out the sides of the compartments with electrical tape.

world map IKEA trones
world map IKEA trones
world map IKEA trones
rasterbator IKEA trones

See more of the World Map on Trones.

~ Emily B, United States

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