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February 19 2016


Petition Asks for Deadpool to Host SNL

Back in the ’80s, Saturday Night Live was the show all the cool kids stayed up to watch. If your parents let you stay up that late, you were a badass in elementary school. I liked those old skits with Eddie Murphy and his castmates, but the modern show is a bit boring to me. But if this petition comes to fruition, I would definitely watch the show.

deadpool-snl zoom in

Yes, a petition has been put up at Change.org to try and get the producers of SNL to sign up Deadpool to host. To be clear, they don’t want Ryan Reynolds to host, they want Deadpool. In other words, Reynolds in costume with his perfect Merc with a Mouth wit.

I’m not sure how they could tone it down with the language Deadpool is known for, but this is about the only way you would get me to tune into SNL short of bringing back Murphy to meet Mr. Landlord for a reunion of Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. The Deadpool petition has over 50,000 signatures so far.

[via The Mary Sue]

Saving on a Shoestring: Highlights from Our Chat With Dr. Barbara O'Neill from Rutgers

February 18 2016

Ridiculously Cool DIY Millennium Falcon Purse
Ridiculously Cool DIY Millennium Falcon Purse
DiResta: Table Saw Sled
DiResta: Table Saw Sled

Automated Voice Recognition Typewriter: Secretary Cortana

Operating systems have built-in voice dictation, but YouTuber Zip Zaps wanted an old school output device. So she made an awesome-looking set of fingers that manually operates a typewriter.

automated_voice_recognition_typewriter_1 zoom in

Zip Zaps didn’t actually modify the typewriter itself. Instead, she buily the machine around the outdated instrument. That included building a separate finger to move the carriage return. She used a Pololu servo controller, a Big Easy Driver and an Arduino board to control the machine, while Windows handled the speech-to-text conversion.

It would be awesome if she could build an army of these tentacles to churn out papers. And make coffee.

[via Hack A Day]


Best Deals for Thursday 02/18

Cosplay by McCall’s Sewing Patterns Make DIY Easier

Growing up, I knew every time I went to see my grandmother on Saturday, we would be going to the mall. I also knew that meant lunch out, candy, and at least one new toy. The downside was I knew she would be spending an hour or so in the sewing store while I went out of my mind with boredom.

mcalls-cos-1 zoom in

She would also spend lots of time with all the sewing patterns that show you how to cut out your fabric and sew it up to make clothes. If you have the sewing gene or a grandmother who does, McCall’s now has some cosplay patterns that let you make cool costume bits without having to design them yourself.

mcalls-cos-2 zoom in

The patterns include the generically-named Cloak X, Flight, and Trencher. Cloak X looks like it came right out of Game of Thrones. Flight is a set of wings that look like an angle. Trencher is a double-breasted trench coat that reminds me a bit of The Matrix. The patterns cost $17.95 to $19.95.

mcalls-cos-3 zoom in

[via Fashinably Geek]


Hexbug RC Battlebots: Are You Not Entertained Mom?!

We’ll soon be able to conduct bot-on-bot mayhem without knowing a thing about building or repairing robots, thanks to toymaker Hexbug and its officially licensed Battlebots replicas.

hexbug_battlebots_1 zoom in

The robots are based on some of the most popular competitors in the TV series: Bronco, Tombstone, Witch Doctor and last season’s champ, Bite Force. They come in different varieties, but the best ones are the remote-controlled variants. Their exterior panels are designed to fall off to indicate damage, but you can easily snap them back on. FamilyGamerTV checked out the robots at the New York Toy Fair:

The remote-controlled Battlebots will be sold for $30 (USD) each. But you may as well get the $70 two-pack, because that comes with a 20″x 20″ replica of the arena, giving you the full Battlebots experience.

[via Gizmodo]


NERF Battle Racer Puts the Foam Beatdown on Wheels

The kids in our old neighborhood were always having NERF wars. I decided to arm my son up right and bought one of those giant battery powered NERF guns that could sling multiple darts per second. He dominated the block. Kids now have a new dart war weapon called the Hauck NERF Battle Racer and it’s very cool.

hauck_nerf_battle_racer_1 zoom in

It’s a combination of ride on toy and dart gun holder that looks like a blast. The car has pedals for motivation, a skid out lever, and a dart-slinging gun mount on the hood. It doesn’t appear that the car itself has any weapons, just places to store the weapons you already own.

The upside is when you run out of darts; you can just run over the competition. Check out the video to see the car in action. Buying one of these for your little warrior will set you back $399 over on Amazon.

hauck_nerf_battle_racer_2 zoom in

hauck_nerf_battle_racer_3 zoom in

hauck_nerf_battle_racer_4 zoom in

[via The Awesomer]

Familiarize Yourself with These 7 Dev Board Features
Familiarize Yourself with These 7 Dev Board Features

Monopoly Goes Paperless in Ultimate Banking Edition

The board game Monopoly is an American icon. It’s all about rolling some dice, moving some weird metal game pieces, randomly landing on properties, buying them and charging other suckers who land on them. It’s capitalism at it’s finest. It’s all about money. But a new edition of the board game has no Monopoly money in it. WTH?

monopoly_ultimate_banking_t zoom in

Before you freak out, it still supports a form of currency. Instead of paper money, it uses digital credit card transactions to make your payments to other players or to the bank. It is called the “Ultimate Banking” edition and comes with a small battery-powered ATM that you can swipe your player cards, deeds, and even chance cards into.

Well, I guess it would be harder to cheat, but Monopoly without the classic paper bills just seems wrong. No one gets to even be the banker anymore. How are people going to overcharge others “by accident”?

[via ArsTechnica]

Young Makers Show Off Their Creations at New York Toy Fair
Young Makers Show Off Their Creations at New York Toy Fair
Who Knew Installing Walls Could Be so Entertaining?
Who Knew Installing Walls Could Be so Entertaining?
7 Everyday Things That Are Surprisingly Awesome Investments
Best Money Tips: Do's and Dont's of Bulk Buying
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