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July 22 2018

Weekend Watch: Gil Poznanski, the Kosher Tony Stark

Westworld Maze Prop Replica Wasn’t Meant for You

Westworld is such an awesome show, with really deep and layered writing. It gets in your head, you know? The problem is, after that second season finale, we no longer have any idea what the F is going on! Who is alive? Who is dead? Who is a host? Who is just a computer program? Has the show jumped the robot shark? Instead of watching further, I might just play with this Westworld maze instead.

At least with this maze, I can be sure there is a good ending and a way out, unlike the TV show. Because with J.J. Abrams involved as Executive Producer, this probably won’t end well for viewers. The cast polyresin maze replica is designed from the actual prop that was used in the show and supplemented with digital assets. It measures 5 1/2″ in diameter, and you get both the maze and the logo display stand.

It’s the only J.J. Abrams maze you are ever likely to start and then finish, without spending years worth of seasons to do so. And you won’t feel frustrated and betrayed by the time you complete it. I’m a little sad they didn’t offer this on the inside of a scalp, but it’s still a cool collectible. Grab one over at ThinkGeek today for $49.99.

Pocket-sized Gadget Records Audio and Doubles as a Flash Drive

This Axe Razor Gives You The Manliest Shave Ever

Everyone knows that real mean shave with an axe. Ask any woodsman or lumberjack. It’s just what real men do. The Straight Razor Warrior Axe Razor lets any man shave like a serious tough guy.

It’s a razor in the form of a mini axe. In other words, it’s real axe that you use on your face. You’ll feel like a Viking when you shave. I’m not sure they really shaved with axes, but they could have. If anyone did, it was those guys.

This manly grooming tool even has a sweet hand-carved wooden handle, and its straight-edge blade is made of sharpened tempered steel. The carved beech wood handle is infused with copper or brass, along with waxed cord. That’s some nice detailing.

It will cost you $125 over on Amazon, but you deserve it. Sadly, you won’t be spilling the blood of your enemies. Only your own if you aren’t careful. The battle is with yourself.  Shave wisely my friend, or else you’ll have some battle scars on your face. When you are finished with your shave, maybe you can take it out back and chop some twigs.

[via DudeIWantThat via Mike Shouts]

July 20 2018

Tips of the Week: Freezer Paper Image Transfer, Drill Hacks, Beeswax Thread Lube, and Using a Straw to Scoop Glue Squeeze-Out

Guy Flies Jet-powered Hoverboard at More than 100 mph

Somebody call Spider-Man, because I think we just spotted the Green Goblin! What you’re about to see is a jet-powered Flyboard Air being piloted at speeds up to 103.4 mph. This thing looks like a lot of fun. At least until something goes wrong and you nosedive toward the ground. I mean, there’s a reason this guy is wearing a parachute on his back. Luckily, he didn’t have to use it.

Imagine going this fast in a standing position, while in the air. It would be a scary ride, but super fun. You would feel like a God. You almost have to become the Green Goblin and start throwing pumpkins at Spider-Man and causing mayhem.

Seriously though, I would love to take a ride on this thing even if I would likely die upon landing. It would be quite an adrenaline rush on the way out, with jet engines strapped to your feet! Just the idea is nuts. We live in amazing times with some amazing gear, folks.

[via Geeks Are Sexy viaGeekologie]


Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag is the Camping Essential You Didn’t Know You Needed

ThinkGeek is knocking out of the park with its San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items this year. Yesterday we talked about the obscurely cool Star Trek mood rock light thingy. Today, we have a Rick and Morty Pickle Rick sleeping bag that you know you want.

It’s a 1-2 season mummy-style sleeping bag aiming at summer camping. You can wear it as a full body costume too, if you want to be an immobile pickle with a cartoon face. It has a double zipper closure and measures 86″ x 29″. That means you freakishly tall nerds might not fit all that well.

It also comes with a backpack-style stash bag with Rick’s face on it bugging out because he is now a pickle. The sleeping bag is $24.99 and is available today at ThinkGeek.

Glasgow Mini Maker Faire Embarks on Maiden Voyage

July 19 2018

How To: Anodize Aluminum
Solar Rollers Racing Expands to Nevada with Tesla Investment

Star Trek Rock Mood Light Won’t Keep You Warm

If you ever watched the original Star Trek TV series, you might remember an episode called “The Enemy Within.” I’ve never seen that episode, but apparently, it involves Kirk and crew using phasers to superheat rocks until they glow to survive a planet where the temperature drops to 120-degrees below zero. ThinkGeek turned up at San Diego Comic-Con this week showing off a sweet light-up rock based on that episode.

The hand-painted “rock” comes with a remote control that looks like an original series phaser. It has two modes, with one that “heats” the rock making it slowly glow brighter and another mode called “atmosphere,” which produces a variety of colorful lighting effects. The rock can even dim slowly over ten minutes as if it’s cooling down from its intense heat.

Trekkies looking to get their rocks off can do so at ThinkGeek for $69.99.



LEGO James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Has a Working Ejector Seat

We here at Technabob don’t just watch James Bond movies to see the spy in action saving the world from villains. It’s all about the gadgets, the women, and the cars. 007 has great taste in all of those areas. And now LEGO designers have recreated the iconic 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that Sean Connery drove as 007… with all of its wonderful gadgets.

The new 1,290-piece DB5 is a must for Bond fans. The outside looks great, but the real magic happens inside. This replica from Goldfinger has a rotating license plate, retractable bullet shield behind the rear window, tire slashers on the wheels, a telephone in the driver’s door, a concealable tracking computer stashed inside the dashboard, pop-out machine guns under the headlights, and a functional passenger-side ejector seat. How awesome is that list of features? Just pull the rear bumper to open the roof and that triggers the ejection mechanism. Pulling back on the stick shift reveals the machine guns in front.

LEGO did a great job with this design, and any Bond fan would love to have it in their collection. The model will be in stores on August 1, or on LEGO’s online shop, for $149.99. LEGO VIPs and SDCC attendees might be able to snag a set earlier. This set will be a joy to build, no matter who your favorite James Bond is.

Dad’s DIY Projects Serve As Perfect Cerebral Palsy Therapy

July 18 2018

Pioneering Desktop 3D Printer Maker Printrbot Closes Shop

Gigantic Millennium Falcon Drone Has it Where is Counts, Kid.

This certainly isn’t the first Millennium Falcon drone we have seen. We talked about one years back, but that one was relatively tiny. This much more impressive Millennium Falcon drone is gigantic and has four rotors inside holes in the spaceship’s body to make it fly.

It’s made by Air Hogs and promises to be highly detailed. It measures 27″ x 20″ and is controlled using 2.4 GHz communications for a range of 250 feet. The drone also has two things Han and Chewie’s ship didn’t have: 6-axis gyro stabilization, and a barometric pressure height lock system. I assume that the height lock system keeps it from flying off when you play outdoors.

While it does look really cool, most of the reviews out there say that it’s really difficult to fly due to its awkward balancing and aerodynamics. So I wouldn’t expect stable flight here. On the plus side, it’s already deeply discounted from its original $300 price tag, and you can pick on up on Amazon for just over $100.

[via ThisIsWhyImBroke]

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A Maze is an Analog Arcade Machine

We’ve all played Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Centipede, but what if those games had been less digital and more of an art installation? Would you still be interested? This arcade machine is called “A Maze,” and is the work of artist Marco Iannicelli. It is all analog, including the motor that’s used to manipulate the 7 concentric ring maze on top.

The entire piece is carved out of marble making it look like an arcade game that the Romans might have used. The control is a lone black joystick that is used to steer the labyrinth and help the metal ball to its goal. You’ve probably played this classic concentric maze game in your hands, but I imagine it’s a whole new game with a joystick. It would be interesting to play this game and see how hard it really is to control.

This maze game is about more than just trying to get the steel ball from start to finish. Instead of getting the ball to the center, this maze has the “end” just an inch from the start. But why? The creator simply says that it “playfully illustrates the complexity of the space-time continuum and makes it understandable and tangible.” Thanks. That really clears things up.

[via Dude I Want That via Mike Shouts]

July 17 2018


Alien Facehugger Figure Gives Free Hugs

Hugs are always a nice thing unless they come from some odd, gigantic, hairy, sweaty guy you don’t know. I’d not want a free hug from an Alien facehugger either. It may well be the last hug you ever get unless you find someone to do the deed before your chest bursts.

Entertainment Earth has a cool Alien inspired Q-Fig diorama, featuring a xenomorph egg and a facehugger bursting forth with an offer of “free hugs.” Definitely don’t take him up on it unless you want a really bad stomach ache.

The 3.5″ tall statue is available for pre-order now for $19.99, and expected to ship in October 2018 making it perfect for your Halloween décor.

A Clever, Collaborative Maker Series Inspired by Firefly
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